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Canned Vegetables

canned vegetables Hottlet asparagus, olives, tomatoes
  • ​Canned Asparagus (white, green, whole, cuts & tips, …)

  • Canned Olives (green, black, pitted, unpitted, slices,…)

  • Natural Black Olives ‘façon Grèce’

  • Frozen Olives

  • Canned Tomatoes (paste, whole, pulp, dices, sauces,...)

  • Canned Peppers (red paprika, yellow paprika, jalapenos, tear drops,...)

  • Canned Corn (standard, babycorn,..)

  • Canned Palm Hearts

  • Canned Bamboo Shoots

  • Canned Green Beans

  • Canned Capers

  • Canned Gherkins

  • ... and many others on request (Pulses, Celery,…)

All products are available in different sizes of cans/jars for consumer packaging/food service/bakery distribution/industrial packaging.
We represent reliable producers from different parts of the world ensuring all year round availability.
Our producers work according to the European standards (quality, traceability, sustainability, social compliance,...)
Please contact us for all your requests of canned vegetables.
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