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Our Suppliers

Hottlet International Suppliers Private label canned food fish fruit vegetables conserves
Our selection of suppliers is based on their capacity to develop long term relationships with our customers.
We work with people so we know all decision makers of the producers personally and we appreciate their passion, values and long term vision. With a lot of these family companies we are in business since 2 generations.
We visit the plantations, fishing areas and production plants regularly. Also our numerous contacts on international trade fairs allow us to have the latest news about products, crops, etc.
Our selection of suppliers are certified (BRC, IFS, BSCI SA8000, Friends of the sea, …). They operate on large scale offering competitive prices and following strictly the European food legislation.
We source products from different origins allowing to cover needs even in shortage situation. Imports from Morocco, Ecuador, Indonesia and China represent the majority of our activity, but we have regular business with more than 30 countries around the world. We help our suppliers understand the needs of our different markets and types of customers, this allows them to work much more targeted avoiding a loss of time and money for both the supplier and the customer.
Our suppliers appreciate working with us as we have access to the retail/foodservice/bakery/industrial and feed market, as we understand the product groups we cover, as we give them constant feedback and as we target long term repetitive business.
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