Our Customers

Hottlet International Private Label a-brand canned food conserves
We serve year after year different categories of customers:
  • A-Brand Consumer/Foodservice Products
  • Private Label Consumer Products
  • Wholesalers Food Service & Bakery
  • Food Industry
  • Fermentation industry
  • Feed
We remain in close contact with all our customers so that we can advice them with product knowledge, producer knowledge and market knowledge
We have a long term relationship in mind and operate ethically and in confidentiality
Our aim is to offer only products and producers matching our customers' needs and expectations on price/quality level and with the required certifications. The majority of our business is therefor recurrent, allowing our customers to operate with more security and with tremendous savings of time and expenses (sourcing, quality control, development of labels, checking of all certifications,…) and thus allowing our customers to be successful in their market.
We have for all our major products an alternative supply allowing to cover needs even in time of shortage.
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